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Hair Smoothing Treatment | Keratin Botox Treatment | Keratin Botox | Hair Botox treatment 


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1: Wash Hair with clarifying shampoo.

2: Dry the Hair with a dry and soft towel.Brush the hair.Remove the tangles.

3: Divide the hair into four sections. Apply the product evenly each section simultaneously. Remember to start l cm from the root up to the tips.

4: let the product remain on the hairs for 20-40 minutes. Dry the hair using Hair Dryer (100%).Do not rinse to flush out the product

5: Rinse the hair with Luke warm water.


The Most Advanced And New Hair Botox Technology In Smoothing and Reconstruction Of The Hair With Keratin-Collagen-Protein. 0.00%Formoldehyde Relecsedbefore,during Or Ofter The Treatment. Kerato + Professional Keratin Botox Hair Smoothing Treatment System Is A Revolutionory Hair Reconstruction And Volume Reducing Treatment That Eliminates  Frizzy Hair, Leaving It Straight , Healthy Ond Shinny To Three Or Four Months. It Works An All Types Of Hair.




Kerato Professional

Keratin Botox

Keratin Botox Smoothing Therapy treatments are professional smoothing treatments powered by keratin. All treatments are performed in-salon by a professional stylist. Therapy repair damage and breakage, reduce frizz, curl and unruly flyways, and make the hair smoother and healthier-looking. They also prevent humidity, the main cause of frizz, from impacting the hair. After a Smoothing Therapy treatment, it’s easier to achieve a flawless blowout at home.


The hair is more manageable, blow-drying becomes quicker and easier, and daily styling time is significantly reduced. Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy treatments utilize a simple, four-step process. Your stylist will first use a special deep-clarifying shampoo to prepare the hair for treatment and to remove residue and buildup resulting from previous hair care products. Next, the selected smoothing treatment is applied; the hair is blow-dried and then flat ironed, sealing in the treatment for a smooth, silky finish. Steps may vary depending on the service performed.


Some stylists may choose to rinse out the product before drying and straightening your hair with a flat iron. Other stylists may leave the product on your hair while they dry and straighten your hair to help the product more fully penetrate your hair strands.

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