25 Algae Peel-Off Facial Masque Set of 3

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Charcoal / 24ct Gold / Anti Aging Faicla Masque

For All Skin Types


400 gm

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Kerato Professional


How To Use

Step 1: - Empty The Entire Contents Of The (1st) Gel And (2nd) Powder Into A Suitable Bowl. Using a Spatula,  Preferably Plastic, Stir Both Phases Together Briskly For About 30 Seconds, Forming a Smooth Paste.

Step 2: - With The Same Apply And Extend The Mask On The Face Within About 4 Minutes, Before It Starts To    Set. It Is Possible To Cover Eyes And Lips.

Step 3: - Leave The Mask On To Act For 15 To 20 Minutes.

Step 4: - Remove The Mask Downwards In One Piece.

Kerato Professional


24ct Gold

A facial mask for all skin types consisting of 24 ct Gold Dust, minerals, and Seaweed extract. The Combination of active the Gold mask unique. The 24 ct Gold Dust provides a tightening effect for the face and neckline whilst aiding the intense nutrition and revitalization obtained from the minerals at the same time. Gives the Gold mask an intense moisturizing effect.


Anti Aging

You start trying anti-aging products available on the market, but not everything works on you. That is when preparing anti-aging masks at home helps.These are safe treatments that help combat aging signs and make your skin look fresh and youthful. The homemade masks are easy ones loaded with nutrients that make your skin glow and prevent dullness and dry skin. Keep reading to know some of the best anti-aging face masks you can prepare at your home.



This Charcoal face mask is free from all harmful chemicals like paraben and charcoal face mask removes pollution from the skin. This charcoal face mask minimizes open pores and tightens the skin. This charcoal face mask is suitable for men and women.

Peel-off mask is one of the most wonderful innovations. The peel-off mask is formulated with unique ingredients that are natural, soothing, and skin-friendly. The product is gentle and can be used by all skin types. The pack helps to remove blackheads, excess oil, clean pores by removing dirt, revitalizing the skin, and giving an instant glow.

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